Localization and cooperation

In pursuance of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 4426 of 24.08.2019 “Оn further increasing the responsibility of state and economic management bodies and local Executive authorities for the introduction of a new system of localization of production and acceleration of cooperation ties in industries”, Uztransgaz joint-stock company has started large-scale work on localization of imported products and services. We are always interested in partnership with major suppliers of services and products in the oil and gas industry. In this regard, we invite all interested manufacturers to cooperate in the localization of our company's products and services.


Below you can find the localization program for 2020 and the proposed projects for the development of products and services.

The localization program of JSC "Uztransgas" for 2020.

Proposed projects for localization of goods and services of JSC "Uztransgaz".

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